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The demand for articulate and accomplished hospitality staff has increased exponentially over the past few years, especially so in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal.
Nestled on the shores of the East Coast, Umhlanga is increasingly known for it’s luxurious beaches and has undeniably made it’s mark in more recent years as an international tourist destination. It is in fact here and the surrounding areas, that requires the most assistance with refinement and etiquette within the hospitality industry in South Africa.

ESTA, (The Event Styling Training Academy) is Umhlanga based, and is an expansion of the award-winning Event Styling Brand, and was intended to specifically address the increasing demand for well trained, Hospitality Specialists. Our training programmes are tailor-made and specific to the region and always remains intently focused on the prize - The Guest.

With this in mind and the guest experience being the nucleus of the events industry, we help the next generation of Event Planners understand more intently the perspective of the guest. It is here that we polish up on skills, fine-tune the offering and encourage growth and self-expression in grand style.

Our courses encompass fun-filled weekend workshops, to more advanced programmes and is the perfect springboard to catapult one’s career within the service industry.
We assist each student in clearly defining their unique, personal brand-essence which ultimately sets them apart from the rest.

Graduates with a background in hospitality are ideally equipped to work in the events industry and young aspiring leaders with natural entrepreneurial skills show the greatest potential for someone wanting to start a career in the wedding planning or hospitality industry.

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Event Styling is regarded as a leading Event Design Company in Kwa-Zulu Natal. We remain true to our core and offer uncompromising services to our clients who consist mostly of, but not limited to, the upper echelon corporate big-wigs, the discerning bride and of course the occasional celebrity.

We certainly embrace the opportunity to showcase a new breed of stylish Event & Wedding Planners to the region of KZN.

Please feel free to enquire below about our hospitality training programmes and upcoming dates.

training academy

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