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Tuesday, 25 September 2012 10:44

An event fit for a king

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It’s September in the city of Durban and in Durban the month of September is usually just the month of “First of Spring”, Heritage Day and the month in which Durban hosts its annual small business exhibition. This year however, September is very special on the KZN calendar. It’s the month in which His Royal Highness King Goodwill Zwelithini hosted his annual royal dinner at the Durban ICC.

Hosted in the Durban International Convention Centre and themed very strictly according to the king’s royal protocol colours – gold, burgundy and cream – the event oozed bling and was absolutely drenched in style and pizazz. With only 3 days to put the whole thing together and simultaneously capture the exact essence of what the Zulu monarch wanted to project, Marge B and her team at Event Styling™ Umhlanga was called upon as the company that had the chutzpah as well as the sense of style to pull this one off.

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Only the absolute cream of Durban’s citizenry and the upper echelon of the city’s business community were invited to attend, clad in the best European couture that money can buy – all fit for a king. Then there was of course the king himself , his queen and his guest of honour – Dr. Kenneth Kaunda. Tables were beautifully laid with an ensemble of burgundy velvet roses and embellishments that tied the three royal colours together in gracious harmony. The smallest, and seemingly most insignificant aspect of the event was Event Styling™ Umhlanga providing an imported ultra-soft faux fur blanket for the Zulu queen. The luxurious blanket was easily the most talked about thing on the night next to the king himself.

When asked what the king’s entourage thought of how the evening’s proceedings transpired, Marge B was quick to reply that the chief royal aide explicitly communicated the Royal Household Trust’s satisfaction with every facet of the event. Marge further added that the events team at the ICC was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Could this be the beginning of doing business with the Zulu Royal family on an ongoing basis? Who knows. However, what we do know now, is that Event Styling™ Umhlanga managed an event for royalty, had only 3 days in which to do it and pulled it off spectacularly.


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