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Monday, 26 August 2013 09:58

Bring on the Bling - a New, Sparkling Movement

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3-300x199Styling an event can be one of the most enjoyable and creative processes anyone can experience. The look, feel and styling of an event are usually up to what is trending at that moment and the personal preference of the individual enjoying the occasion. One of the latest trends that is really shining its way through the rest is ‘Bring on the Bling’ and Event Styling™ as always, has the inside scoop and all of the magical, creative ideas to incorporate this style into any event.

An event’s attributes should be comprised of various factors including glamorous, decadent and exquisite sentiments. It’s a special day, no matter what the event or occasion, be it a wedding or end of year function, and you want to let your imagination run wild and visions come true. ‘Bring on the Bling’ is a theme that looks at all things dazzling. From intricate, styled décor to napkin details with a dash of sparkle, it’s a glamorous and chic theme that is taking the events world by storm.

Exquisite and unique styled décor ranges from decedent cake pops dusted in edible bling, metallic painted on natural drift wood amalgamating nature with a stylish look, bling labels on champagne bottles and glittering chandeliers that catch the light hanging in the air above the stunning setting below.

Here at Event Styling™ we pride ourselves on always having our finger on the pulse of the events and styled décor world. Many of our satisfied and loyal customers are testament to our creative flair, ingenuity and personal service that not only creates a tailored and special event, but one that leaves the customer feeling just as special and valued.


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