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Project: Hospitality Suite Makeover – Old Mutual Goes for a Relaxed Look at Sahara Kingsmead

When Old Mutual decided to refresh the look of their hospitality suite at Sahara Kingsmead in Durban, they knew they already had some great things going for them - spectacular views, from the cityscape behind them to a world-class pitch in front.

What they didn’t have was the perfect modern ambience where they could treat their guests to elegant luxury and service.

They decided to go for a relaxed and comfortable look to offset the balance of the grass embankment and the stands that make Kingsmead the perfect family venue for cricket.

Marge B from Event Styling™, with a wealth of experience in the corporate hospitality industry understood that this client wanted to provide hospitality of the highest standard in their suite, yet not lose the feeling of camaraderie and ease of movement that is required at a Durban cricket venue.

“ Even though the suite was in desperate need for an upgrade, the client did not want a "Big budget blow-out", so we just refreshed and repainted; accented with metallic silver, added in the turf carpet, a flat screen, a new bar fridge, Lillie white furniture ,shelving for the glasses and drinks, and other design elements like the ottomans with the Old Mutual colours and large mirrors, ….. Proving that one CAN achieve a lot within reasonably small budget” Marge explains.

Because Kingsmead's warm weather encourages a casual and relaxed atmosphere for the spectators to soak up the sun's rays while taking in top-class action out on the pitch, the Old Mutual Suite was made over in cool green and white tones.

Kingsmead is known to be one of South Africa’s most festive cricket grounds.


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