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Friday, 14 February 2014 07:51

8 Reasons To Hire Durban Wedding Planner

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8 Reasons Why You Should Hire Durban Wedding Planner, Event StylingYour wedding organizer could make or break your special day. Event Styling™ is more than just your normal wedding coordinators in Durban, we are exceptional wedding specialists that becomes a vital part in arranging your most beautiful day. We take you on a venture that is inestimable! We are wedding stylists, moulding your wedding day with endless attention to detail to be the special day you always dreamed about.

Below are 8 benefits when you hire Event Styling™ as your wedding planner in Durban

1. Event Styling™ takes the weight off your shoulders

Organizing your wedding on your own could end up being an enormous and overwhelming task when you should actually enjoy the whole process of preparing for your marriage. Event Styling™ have the experience and knowledge to deliver everything you need for your wedding.

2. Planning Your Wedding

We arrange weddings according to a detailed plan. We are not just organizers, but wedding stylists. We will sit with you, you tell us what your dream day needs to be like and we will conceptualize and style your wedding accordingly. We will make suggestions and come back to present you with a detailed dream wedding plan.

3. Styling Your Wedding

No wedding must be the same and we work very close with our wedding partners in making your wedding an out of the box affair. We will style your wedding according to the latest trends, while also and patterns the extent that weddings are concerned. New forms could incorporate anything from table decorations, wedding dresses to tuxedos, haircuts and make-up.

4. Efficiency

Contrary to famous belief, hiring a wedding planner may keep you within your budget. Because of the relationships we have built up with some of Durban’s best wedding vendors, we are acquainted with their fees and in that capacity we work with them to keep your expenses intact, while guaranteeing the best quality services.

5. Decision-making

Hiring Event Styling™ to act on your behalf would unquestionably reduce your anxiety levels and enhance your wedding day experience. Event Styling™ will help you with selecting the right photographer, videographer, florists, make-up artist, wedding dress designer and more. Event Styling™ wants to be seen as an asset with our expertise in providing you with the best available options for your wedding.

6. Expert Voice

In certain unpleasant circumstances, we might act as the unbiased party when you need to make complicated choices. We can be the expert voice you need when a decision needs to be made, particularly when managing extra expenditures or details.

7. Agreements And Guarantees

Event Styling™ guarantees that all contractual commitments are met with service providers and by guaranteeing that we will make sure that you only receive the best service from them.

8. Peace Of Mind

It is our job as your wedding coordinator to make sure that you have the wedding of your dreams without any problems. We give you the peace of mind that you can celebrate your wedding day with your family and friends while we take care of everything.


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