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Thursday, 29 May 2014 22:00

Princess Jolene’s Enchanted Bridal Shower

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Here at the House of Event Styling™, we love to help couples make their weddings, and other milestone events, the most romantic, unforgettable, and happiest days of their lives. And with our events being held in Durban, the city with the best views of African sunsets, any fairytale is made possible.

Princess Jolene’s Enchanted Bridal Shower In True Event Styling™ FashionOur gorgeous and glamorous trend-setter bride-to-be from Durban’s elite society, chose to celebrate her bridal shower at the legendary Barrio in Umhlanga, which seems to be the height of posh in fine dining. We prepared ourselves to be transported into the Glamour-sphere!

Poised to perfection in a canary yellow, designer gown by Francois Vedemme, and wearing imported crystal embedded Jimmy Choo’s, Princess Jolene made her grand entrance flanked by two tuxedo-clad Prince Charmings. Her natural beauty and endless charm is the archetype of a blue blooded Royal. The Princess’s coiffured hair, crowned with a crystal tiara, flawless make-up and manicure made her a red carpet delight for any photographer.

The overall theme was enchantment, fantasy and fairytale and Event Styling™ executed this fabulous event through the use of classic and subtle tones within the color palette of pink blush, buttercup, lavender, lime green, and accentuated with metallic silver natural wood-bark and of course a host of exquisite vintage candles. The venue also exuded an outdoor scenic feel, and the table-scape was designed with embellishments of birds, Orchids, Avalanche Roses, and a multitude of butterflies, Jolene’s favorite thing in the world! Heavenly cupcakes cleverly decorated with butterflies and personalized names for all guests, made the affair a truly distinctive experience.

Princess Jolene’s Enchanted Bridal Shower In True Event Styling Fashion            Princess Jolene’s Enchanted Bridal Shower In True Event Styling Fashion            Princess Jolene’s Enchanted Bridal Shower In True Event Styling Fashion

Everyone dressed up, and from the Ice Queen, to the Wicked Witch, Red Riding Hood, and a Glam Fairy, it looked like a scene from a childhood storybook that came to life.

Guests were wow’d by decadent and exquisite gifts from Lush and bride-to-be Jolene spared no expense when it came to spoiling her beloved guests, which included a Parisian who flew in especially for this big evening.

Princess Jolene’s Enchanted Bridal Shower In True Event Styling Fashion       Princess Jolene’s Enchanted Bridal Shower In True Event Styling Fashion

But then as the clock struck 12, Oh La La, things got a little crazy when, not one, but two Prince Charmings revealed a lot more than the girls had bargained for. Initially welcoming guests in their designer tuxedoes finished off with classic bow-ties, they appeared to be debonair and quite reserved, then as if by a wave of her magic wand, the Princes transformed into Calvin Klein catwalk models, whose half naked, chiseled bodies could only be described as pieces of art. Magnificently toned physiques and dazzling smiles amidst the flickering lights and screams of the Princess’s highly excited subjects, the sexy Princes danced to the beat of her drum and everyone had a piece of the action. Oh how we wish we were the bride to be!

Princess Jolene’s Enchanted Bridal Shower In True Event Styling FashionThe show-stopping event elicited favorable, star-struck reactions from guests as well as in-house diners at Barrio who were simply, bedazzled.

Princess Jolene’s bridal shower began, and ended with a burst of Verve Clicquot and a hen’s party that lasted till 3 a.m. This would surely be a memorable occasion for the Princess, and her loyal subjects for years to come.

We would like to acknowledge Trent Saunders for capturing the most precious moments of this show stopping event, and David Manal and Team Barrio for creating the enchantment of fine dining.

Special thanks to the Event Styling™s in-house Hosts, Warren & Berto for the racy entertainment and Camila from The Durban Makeup Artist and her stylist, Jason from Rolf Offerman.

And of course, to Jolene Sona Singh for being such an amazing client to work with. We remain in awe of your fabulosity!


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