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Wednesday, 21 November 2012 10:09

A little event styling can go a long way

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Personalised invitations are a brilliant way to imbue a sense of belonging in your guests before they enter the venue and your event styling team can help!

Whether you’re turning 40 or celebrating your company’s listing on the stock market, making your event great even before it begins is essential.

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Bringing a unique sense and flavour to your event is an essential element of event styling and ensuring that your guests enjoy a memorable event.

From the very first moment you decide to host an event, remember to choose your theme. No matter the purpose of your event, a theme will help to bring together all elements of your event and assist your event styling team.

Customised invitations bring your event’s theme and style to life long before the guests arrive and are a useful opportunity to communicate your company brand or event theme. It’s important to channel your message across to your guests in an elegant yet simple format. By consulting an event styling expert, they will be able to provide you with a variety of options, all geared towards communicating your event details and personal message.

Your event styling team can use design elements within the invitation to clearly communicate your event’s theme and purpose. A cleverly designed, professional invitation will adequately convey what guests can expect at your event, if they need to bring anything along or dress up and include additional information such as a RSVP deadline. Integrating elegant design elements into your invitations enables an easy transmission of your event’s theme too. If you’re planning a grand ball, the creative team at your event styling company will be able to include clever images and embellishments, making your invitation stand out.

Large family events such as weddings or milestone birthdays often require the services of an event co-ordinator or event styling company. Weddings, birthdays and family parties are more personal than commercial events and, because of their nature it's relatively easy to bring a personal approach to the invitation.

Corporate events can be a little more difficult. Including the guest’s name and not just their designation or occupation at a company is one way to personalise an invitation without too much effort. Leave it up to your event styling company to manage the guest list and invitations if you’re not able to do so internally. Leaving it to the professionals is recommended for larger corporate events.

Choosing the correct medium to disseminate your invitations is also critical in ensuring that your invited guests respond timeously and attend the event. Whilst email is often the preferred and less expensive medium, it can be restrictive. A personalized invitation, delivered either by hand or post is a wonderful way to ensure that your guests feel special and honoured to be invited to your event. The task of creating and delivering individual invitations can be time-consuming though, so leave it to your event styling team to handle professionally.

Make your event great before it’s begun. Try Event Styling™.


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