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Tuesday, 04 September 2012 08:51

Business with the City of Durban

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This is normally the time of the year when we have all our ducks in a row, our event schedule for the year-end is full and all we look forward to is giving clients our best so they can enjoy a festive season holiday with great memories of how their year came to a crescendo. This year things are a little different. Our year has just gotten better, with our company getting propelled to a completely higher level.


Event Styling™ Umhlanga has started doing business with the city of Durban. And when we say city we mean the people that make the city run. Through the expertise of our CEO – Marge B – we are now a service provider to one of the biggest organisations in the eThekwini Municipality. Our expertise, our modus operandi and our brand ethos is now gradually being imparted to those that manage events for and on behalf of the city.

This is a stellar achievement for us and something worth celebrating. In fact it's the crescendo to our year in event styling and management.. and it came a full 4 months before the official year-end.

Life can only get better.


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