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Thursday, 17 July 2014 13:58

DIY Wedding Décor Ideas

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On a tight budget for your wedding and planning to go DIY for your wedding décor? We have put together a short list of some our favourite tips for wedding decorations that won't cost a fortune and still look stunning.


If you are stuck for inspiration you can get many free ideas for adding some extra sparkle to your wedding from many sources on the internet. Browse sites like Tumblr as well as Pinterest which offer a wide range of visual media that you can search related to weddings.



Adding colour is an easy way to add a little extra fun and visual appeal to your wedding. Just be sure to stick to a palette that works for your wedding theme, randomly adding colour(s) can be chaotic so be sure to think carefully and get advice. There are many simple ways that colour can be introduced, add some food colouring to the water in your vases, get cheap fabric and cover blank areas such as tables and ceilings. Ribbons and feathers are another easy way to introduce more colour, as are DIY crepe flowers.


Creating a setting at your wedding tables with candles is an excellent way to achieve the right ambience. Floating candle centrepieces are very easy to make and with some flower petals added can look stunning or find patterned and colour matching candles to compliment other wedding décor details. Strings of white Christmas lights are another cheap and easy way to add some atmospheric lighting to your venue and don't forget to consider paper lanterns.

Bigger Doesn't Mean Better

Don't go for the most ostentatious wedding decorations you can find, or be unhappy if you can't afford them. Simplicity and attention to detail can create a much more appealing overall style and feel for your wedding function décor. This means putting in a little extra effort and time to plan and think about what you want and how you can achieve it on your budget. If you are stuck seek creative input from friends who you think have an understanding of décor and interior design, books, magazines and other media.

Odds & Ends

decorations for weddingsThere are so many little odds and ends that you can save on to give you a little more money for bigger expenses when planning your wedding décor. With the quality of home printers these days and a little PC knowledge many people have the ability to make very good DIY wedding invitations. If you are planning to have a lot of flowers at your wedding try and go for ones that are in season as these should usually be cheaper. Simplicity when choosing flowers can also often be a good idea and sticking to one type of flower can be much cheaper than having expensive mixed bouquets and arrangements and look stunning if done correctly. Also consider alternatives to flower arrangements at wedding tables, such as wicker apple baskets or paper bags with cherries, which guests and their kids can snack on. Balloons filled with helium are a great way to hide an ugly ceiling and also something the kids will love, go for red heart balloons or more subtle white, depending on your theme. The internet is a great resource for finding more ideas for affordable, interesting and stylish wedding decorations and there are many free wedding decoration templates available as well as many ideas you would never have considered, such as the uses for glass jars.

Don't get stuck, bogged down or overwhelmed when planning your wedding function decorations, set aside some time, plan properly and get going. If you need some help we are here so why not request a consultation with Event Styling and we will help you co-ordinate your wedding décor.


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