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Tuesday, 02 July 2013 10:02

Event Bunnies: the new new thing

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What are Event Bunnies?
Who are these “Event Bunnies”? What is this “Event Bunny” thing all about? These are just a few of the questions that are being asked in the corridors of Durban’s burgeoning events industry right now. We have the answers!

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Remember how we just had the Top Gear Festival in Durban, and the Comrades Marathon before that? These major events get promoted with roadshows and live activations that require the involvement of stunningly attractive, classy, extroverted young people to be brand ambassadors and promoters. They really make these event experiences memorable. And as effective as these young people are at creating memorable events, there are just never enough of them available, and that creates a challenge for event management companies.

Fast forward to July 2013. Durban-based event management diva - Marge B - has decided to do something about this perpetual shortage of beautiful people that ooze upper echelon sophistication and pizzazz. Her company, Event Styling™, has just given birth to Event Bunnies - a brand new division that will facilitate talent management for all the company's events. Event Bunnies is the latest addition to the multifaceted Event Styling™ Agency from Durban.

The company has has launched a section on their website (www.eventstyling.co.za) where people who fit the required description (classy, sophisticated, attractive , eloquent etc.) can log their credentials, upload their profile images and if selected, get absorbed into the Event Bunnies Family and grace every or most of the highest of high profile events in and around South Africa. The Event Styling™ website will be the focal point for all Event Bunnies applications and all application approvals will be communicated to the approved persons via the contact details they provide.

Pending approval and becoming a member of the Event Bunnies "tribe", members will be called upon as when needed for events - dependent on the level of style and sophistication that is required at and for an event.

THAT, beautiful people, is what Event Bunnies is all about. So if you are seriously sexy, drop dead gorgeous, stunningly stylish and you ooze class. Then you should join Event Bunnies. In fact you’re already exactly what Event Bunnies is all about. All you need to do now is log on to www.eventsyling.co.za/bunnies and make it official.

We’ll see you at the next big, super sophisticated, cool and classy event by Event Styling™.


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