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Wednesday, 29 January 2014 09:10

How to Make the Perfect Dry Martini

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Event Styling™ Shows You How to Make the Perfect Dry MartiniThe delicious dirty martini has been a firm favourite among the cocktail lovers of the world for years. It embodies class, style and elegance and a great dirty martini truly is to die for. However, a great martini is also an elusive thing that requires the perfect ingredients, techniques and utensils. There are also many diverse ways to make a martini but Event Styling™ has come across one tried and tested recipe and the outcome is truly fantastically delicious! Here we give you the secret to making the ultimate dirty martini for your friends to indulge in.

First off, you'll need:
  • Ice, a lot of it
  • A properly chilled, fabulous stemmed martin glass
  • Vermouth
  • A glass or metal pitcher
  • Garnish, be it olives, or lemon peel. These are the only things, garnish-wise, that should be used for the perfect dirty martini
  • Last but not least, the best gin you can find

Ok, here is the perfect recipe:

  1. Grab the chilled vermouth out of the fridge where it should be initially stored. Pour the vermouth into the cap. That's all the vermouth you'll need.
  2. Place at least seven to eight cubes of ice into your pitcher. You want to not only coat the bottom of the pitcher, but the ice as well. This is the fun part; give it a shake, two or three shakes will suffice.
  3. Onto the main ingredient of the perfect dirty martini; the gin. This should be kept in the freezer for optimum taste. Exactly two shots is the measurement to go by.
  4. This is where technique comes into the equation. If you are utilising a glass pitcher, you stir. If it's a metal one, you swirl in a semi-vigorous manner. What you want is the ice friction to cause a cooling reaction, but you don't want to bruise the gin. The gin needs to be softly introduced to the vermouth, and there must be dilution from the melting ice.
  5. The last step is straining the heavenly concoction into your elegant martini glass and garnishing it with two olives which have been pieced with a toothpick.
  6. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Here at Event Styling we love a delicious dry martini and now with this incredible recipe, you can enjoy it too, in the comfort of your own home with good music and great friends.


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