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Wednesday, 26 September 2012 10:42

Five Basic Principles of Event Planning

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No matter the reason for your event, precise event planning will ensure success. Accomplishments and achievements are cause for celebration.

Celebratory events focus on a specific achievement or milestone. If it’s a corporate event, you would be unveiling a new product or acknowledging a team’s outstanding efforts. If it’s personal, you might be celebrating the recent graduation of your child from tertiary education.

Before you plan your event, ensure that the reason for your celebration remains the focus.

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The next step in ensuring your event is successful is to pin down the true nature of your event. Will you have a gala awards ceremony to thank staff for their outstanding efforts, or will you enjoy an intimate dinner with friends to celebrate your son’s academic success? By framing the purpose of your event, you will be able to clearly specify what it is you’ll be hosting. If you’ve employed an event stylist, make sure you clearly communicate preferences in terms of venue size, menu, attendees and agenda.

Timing an event is critical, both in terms of attendance and intinerary.

Make sure your invited guests are able to attend by hosting your event at a time and on a date that is convenient to them. Investigate other events that are scheduled for a similar time and date, and make sure you’re not creating clashes in your guests’ diaries. Keep in mind too, that like-minded people or members of similar industries often attend the same events. By timing your event correctly, you will achieve a good attendance rate for your event.

Considering your budget is a critical element of event planning. No matter the purpose, size or programme, budgetary constraints can make or break your event. Set a budget and keep to it as best you can, whilst sharing the information clearly with your event stylist and planner. One of the best ways to keep clear track of your event budget is to setup a spreadsheet and keep it updated as expenses are laid out for your event.

Lastly, set the agenda for your special event. If you’re inviting a guest speaker, make sure that they know the amount of time you’ve allocated to them and when you need them to arrive at the venue. If you’ve opted for musical, comedy or other entertainment, make sure they have a clear itinerary and required appearance times.

By carefully following these basic principles of event planning, you’ll be well on your way to making your special event spectacular.


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