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Tuesday, 03 September 2013 09:37

Planning your Green Wedding

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green-weddingWith the pioneering, green movement that so many earth conscious people have adopted, environmentally friendly, green weddings are becoming very popular. Many couples are opting to create a special day that not only showcases their love for one another, but for Mother Nature as well. An eco-friendly wedding can be just as stylish and luxurious as a normal one and in this interesting and informative blog, Event Styling™ looks at some top tips and ideas on how to plan the perfect, green wedding.

Green Wedding Tips and Ideas

Going Organic

Organic produce is one sure way to ensure that your wedding is eco-friendly. Going organic means that the occurrence of harmful pesticides usually used in the growing or farming process is eliminated. When planning your dream, green wedding, make sure that your flowers, food and even wedding dress are derived from organic products and materials. Buying locally and making sure that they make use of ethical trade is also important.

The venue
When looking at a venue for your environmentally friendly wedding, there are a few ideas and tips to keep in mind. Conventional venues such as hotels and conference centres use loads of electricity, water and usually not-so-earth-friendly products. A great idea and one that will just add to your green wedding’s character and charm is getting married in the beautiful outdoors. There are many quaint venues that will use considerably less power than the larger ones.

The stationery
For many years, the production of paper has been a hot topic with regards to the environment. Your wedding invites and thank you notes are an integral part of your big day but for those wanting to have an eco-friendly, green wedding, there are other options. Why not send out fun and interactive Evites or create a beautiful wedding, web page to keep everyone involved in the plans. Alternatively, if you still like the more traditional route of paper, one can use recycled paper for their invites and thank you cards that are just as lovely as ordinary paper.

Event Styling™ hopes that these tips and ideas have provided some inspiration for your green wedding. Enjoy your magical, day of love with your friends and family, while not harming Mother Nature. For many more inspirational and creative ideas, keep an eye on our Event Styling™ blog.


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