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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 10:20

Marge B now also wedding planner extraordinaire

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Event Stylist to corporates bigwigs and now service provider to the municipality of the city of Durban – Marge B – has just launched a brand new facet to her business. Her company, Event Styling™, is the premier provider of eventing services to the cream of corporate entities in and around Kwa Zulu Natal. After being wooed to do personal events by many a corporate high flyer, and after thoroughly enjoying the Royal Dinner the company put together for Zulu monarch King Goodwill Zwelithini earlier this year, Marge has finally buckled to the demand for her expertise in personal events.

Marge B now also wedding planner extraordinaire Marge B now also wedding planner extraordinaire Marge B now also wedding planner extraordinaire Marge B now also wedding planner extraordinaire

The company recently undertook their first wedding for a beautiful couple – Mickey and Kate. Things kicked off with Marge B helping the bride decide on her theme and Kate settled on ruby red as her colour of choice. Once the choice was made, everything else flowed graciously into place. Marge personally assisted the florist in creating the awe-inspiring Orchid wedding bouquet, using ice-white orchids adorned with crystals, ruby red satin, and a sprinkling of diamanté pins.

Welcome drinks at the wedding was the Marge B-inspired “strawberry champagne”, which is bubbly with fresh strawberries, and was served in elegant flutes with scarlet ribbons attached. Cuisine for the wedding was scrumptious roast beef with roasted potatoes tossed in butter, topped with a hearty gravy and an assortment of oven baked seasonal veggies. This was accompanied by curried chicken, saffron rice and vegetarian lasagne. Dessert included malva pudding topped with vanilla-infused ice cream and bar one cake for those that needed some sweetening up.

The wedding – an intimate but joyous affair, had female guests thronging to catch the bouquet, which was eventually caught by Marge’s assistant Claire, and was indeed interpreted as a good omen!

The highlights of Mickey and Kate’s wedding comprised of several embellishments:
The first was the bride – Kate – who was the epitome of stunning on the day. Kate looked ravishingly beautiful on her wedding day, and rightfully so, as this was a day she will always remember and cherish. The second was the “wish tree”, draped with fruit-sized crystals and bedecked with bespoke cards on which guests wrote their well wishes for the young wedding couple. The third was the Cinderella-style glass slippers that adorned every table and was a much talked about item among guests at the wedding. Names of the bridal couple and a single red rose remained suspended inside a solidly frozen ice sculpture of a dainty swan, while Vodka shots which were dispensed by the fabulous Claire from a “ski-slope” luge made of solid ice, created another talking point at this trendy wedding.

This first wedding by Event Styling™ Umhlanga is now over, but is still a much talked about affair among those that attended and the bridal couple alike. In addition to this being a great business to be in, it was also an excellent time for bonding and nurturing, and as a result, a relationship as solid as the ice swan has now been cemented between Marge B and the bridal couple.

Here’s to celebrating the good life and more weddings -in style.


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