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Monday, 07 October 2013 12:09

My Marge B Experience By Sholene Ramdass

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Marge B- Styled PhotoshootHaving been selected by Marge B to be a part of a photoshoot for Sibaya Casino in October 2013, I got to experience the renowned Marge B and Event Styling™ treatment that has left me not only with valuable insight into the modelling and beauty industry but also a refreshed outlook on the importance of positivity and perception.

Being involved in the modelling industry for about five years, I have been exposed to many different types of people and personalities. So when I have the good fortune of crossing paths with someone in this industry who manages to carry themselves with aplomb and grace, I instantly feel as if I have found a rare gem.

Marge B is one such person. As someone who values the importance and matchless quality of being a sincere and upstanding person, working with Marge B, who holds the very same principles that I do, was a wonderful experience. The positivity and vibrant energy that she surrounds herself with further inspired me to be responsible for the energy I take wherever I go.

DSC 0389Marge B's wide array of knowledge and experience spurred me on to also realize the invaluable asset of encompassing and being able to master many different skills in the modelling, entertainment and events industries.

Having my makeup professionally done by Marge B afforded me a renewed sense of myself and the power of experimentation and transformation. The stunning and striking classic black smokey-eyes and contoured cheekbones along with a timeless little black dress and faux-fur wrap fit the dramatic and commanding image of Sibaya and Sun International to a tee. This expert and skilled styling will definitely make the end product of the photoshoot distinguished and extremely memorable.

As someone who hopes to grow successfully in the modelling and entertainment world, I fervently look forward to working with Marge B again in the near future.

Sholene Ramdass, Miss Teen KZN 2013


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