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Thursday, 13 March 2014 06:52

Searching For Your Perfect Wedding Venue

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Welcome to Durban, the land of the perfect African sunsets. It is here, in Durban, where you will find your perfect venue for your dream wedding. Every engaged couple comes to that moment where they have to decide on a place to have their wedding reception.

Deciding on a wedding reception venue is one of the most critical decisions you will make as couple. This is because the venue you pick will influence the theme of the wedding, the designs for the dresses and even the kind of furniture to use at the wedding.

In Durban, there are way too many breathtaking venues to choose from. Examples of these are like the exotic Durban Country Club, Under The Marula, the Albany Hotel, Providence Country Weddings, Illovo Africa Lodge just to mention a few.. So, when choosing your wedding venue in Durban, how do you know what and how you want it?

Here are some of the things to look out for when choosing the wedding venue:

When deciding on a wedding venue, sit your fiancé down and decide on three things that have to be there in your venue. This will help you narrow down the number of venues to only those that offer what you want. For instance: you may decide that your venue has to have a chapel for the wedding ceremony, a garden area for the reception and must accommodate 300 people. Once you have decided on these things, focus only on the venues that have them.

Find a wedding venue that suits your budget

Know what you are willing to spend on your venue. This will also help you narrow down to the venues that have what you need and won’t make you spend more than you are willing to. Most wedding planners will also be able to assist you, as they 

Every bride wants a happy, brilliant colourful wedding

Your guests’ happiness greatly contributes to your happiness during your wedding. When deciding on you venue, consider your guests. The perfect venue might be a hundred miles away from home, consider whether that will be convenient for them or not. Especially if your wedding is alcohol-friendly, then you might want to end the ceremony early so that your guests can drive home safely.

Pick three dates for your wedding

Most venues in Durban are quite busy, especially in the peak season. This will help you be flexible, especially when you finally find your dream wedding venue and it is already reserved on that particular date. Matching the perfect venue and the perfect date is quite tricky. It is much easier to change a date than finding another venue.

When deciding on the venue, have an idea of the theme of your wedding and how you would like the wedding to look like. This will help you to settle on what really suits you and make your memories last forever.

Finally, get a second opinion. Ask your friends to help you decide on the best. Sometimes we get fixated on things that only benefit us and we ignore everyone else. This will help you to get an objective decision. When you find your perfect wedding venue, don’t waste time, book it immediately.


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