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Thursday, 31 July 2014 14:01

The Colonel's Great Gatsby with Event Styling™

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City slicker, Ridewaan Sayed a self made, debonair and successful Durban attorney, certainly broke a few hearts that day when he married his sweetheart of 2 years, Jolene, on the terrace of the legendary Oyster Box Hotel. And it's here, on the luxurious terrace of the world famous OB Hotel, that Jolene and Ridewaan talk marriage & commitment and why they chose to celebrate their - hold on- not one, but two marriage celebrations, in style - sparing no expense on either one.

The couple shows an appetite for luxury travel, flamboyant cuisine, and the latest fashion trends.


Gracing the Durban July, J& B Met and other high-flying social gatherings, Jolene and her beau are always dressed to impress, rallying attention and hype wherever they go. 


“We wanted our family & friends to share in our good life and happiness, and really focused on giving them the very best at both our celebrations.  We were intent on fun and enjoyment rather than severe wedding formalities and protocol.” Event Styling™ rolled out the red carpets on both events, and on that note, the party began, and has not stopped since!  

Their recent wedding reception celebrated at The Market Restaurant, has culminated in what must be the most styled and lavish vintage weddings KZN has seen.


The couple has always enjoyed the ever-changing styled menus of The Market restaurant, which highlights the very best of Durban’s cuisine.

Ridewaan & Jolene set the tone as they alighted from the 1940’s Ford Classic car, amidst gasps from the on-looking guests, and even strangers passing by that night, stopped to capture pics of the sparkling bride and her Colonel on their smart phones.

Later that night, Jolene graced the stage with her beau where the couple took to their first dance as husband and wife. This was truly a magical start to the couple's fairytale beginning.  

Jolene recently pampered her new husband with a surprise birthday celebration for his family and friends, and continuing in this vein of decadence and style, chose to entertain guests at the grand Harvey’s in Umhlanga hosted by the fabulous owner, Andrew Draper.


The couple and their hand picked guests were in for a treat… the menu encompassed Wild Salmon, Tempura Prawns, and a host of delectable canapés, as well as a stylish Macaroon Tower and the very best French Champagne.


A feast for the senses, and a sure bet to satisfy the most pedantic of diners, Andrew Draper and his Team at Harvey’s certainly delivered on taste and consistency, plating out 37 stylish seafood- inspired dishes for Ridewaan and Jolene's guests.

With bottles of Verve constantly being decapitated by the host, Ridewaan and Jolene had a go themselves. The art of Sa’brage is a showstopper, and the couple displayed their skills in true celebrity style, invoking gasps as corks went flying amidst the generous applause from guests.


That was certainly a party for the records!

And what would a party be without live entertainment, which  was the ever-charismatic Gino Veronie, who sung like a champion even while recovering from a bout of the common flu. A master at work, Gino showcased his finest repertoire till the early hours of the morning.  


We wish Jolene and her dashing husband the very best that life has to offer, as we eagerly await the pitter-patter of little ones, which seem to be on the horizon.


The love Jolene and Ridewaan have been receiving via social media platforms and networks has been truly overwhelming and they wish to thank everyone for their kind words and endless support.


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