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Wednesday, 30 October 2013 14:24

Themed Events; it’s Time to get Creative

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themed-eventWith Halloween festivities and many themed events sprouting up around the country well under way, it reminds us just how much fun themed events and dressing up really are. A special event is already a time for celebration, a time for family and friends and a time for fun! What could be better than creating an event that is even more memorable with a fun theme? Here at Event Styling™ we look at the comeback of the themed events and ideas around them.   

Themed events will feature two main components, the dress code and the décor ideas. The first step will be to conceptualise around the theme. You can be as creative and crazy as you want and the theme will subsequently set the scene for the party. Whatever theme you end up selecting, it offers an evening of escapism and diverse enjoyment. Here at Event Styling™ we have had the pleasure of styling many themed events and once you have your theme in mind, it’s easy to decorate the venue accordingly.

If you will be offering food and drinks, then you can also theme the type food you serve to the event. The other prominent element that makes themed events such a success is the dressing up aspect. People love dressing up and it offers an opportunity to be creative and go incognito for the evening. There are many fancy dress shops that will be able to offer inspiration, but sometimes the most creative and fun outfits are homemade creations.

Once you have a venue, which is conductive to the theme of the event, décor that exudes the idea and sets the mood, food and drinks that fit with the theme and a bunch of hilarious, fun, crazy and imaginative looking guests; it’s bound to be a spectacular event!    


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