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Monday, 14 July 2014 03:21

Tips For Better Corporate Functions

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Are you in charge of planning your next corporate function and don't have any expertise, want it to be better than the last one or need a little inspiration? Having a lot of experience co-ordinating a number of important functions for businesses Event Styling™ is here to help with a short list of handy tips for corporate function planning so keep reading.

Make It Work!

Just because it is a company function doesn't mean it has to be a boring time and making the event work like clockwork and be enjoyable is your responsibility. If there is going to be a dinner or lunch then take some time looking at the seating plan and try and organise it so people who you know (or think) have commonalities are close together, helping to ease conversation. Also consider people who work together probably spend a lot of time talking to each other and separating people can lead to better networking opportunities. Don't schedule a company event close to a school (or other) holiday, religious occasion, on dates close to other events in the industry or on a long weekend as many people will decline preferring to spend time with their family or friends or attend other events. Try and give people a reason to want to attend the event rather than market it as yet another 'boring corporate function' as this will mean more enthusiasm and better turn out.

Be Efficient!

Don't get bogged down in all the intricacies of organising a large corporate function yourself if you don't have to. Wherever possible delegate responsibility to other people in your company, especially if they already have related skills. So, if someone in the office loves cooking and knows a lot about it why not work with them to organise the catering. By involving other staff members you may also be able to find people with friends or relatives who offer services that may be relevant to your function, at a discounted rate. Create an agenda for the event and make sure all parties involved are aware of what their responsibilities are for the day, also ensure you have a contingency plan should something go wrong and don't forget to make accommodation for any disabled guests. Considering the varied dietary requirements of your guests if you are planning catering is also an important point not to overlook and will ensure there are no complaints or problems when food is served. Also remember to consider parking, traffic and driving distances for all the guests who will be attending.

Make It Interesting!

company function planning durban
Corporate doesn't have to mean grey, or muted pastels and if you are planning a company event that you want to be memorable spend a little time considering the function décor. Deciding on a theme and/or colour scheme for the day can help to make decoration and planning easier though don't go 'over the top' if it is not appropriate. In this regard an experienced event planner can be excellent to consult with, or perhaps a friend interested in design or décor. Too many companies have too many very forgettable functions so why not be different, stand out from the rest and go the extra mile to make it enjoyable for everyone.

Check It Again!

If you are going to be using any kind of audio visual, presentation or other electronic equipment at your event make sure you test it and then test it again. There is nothing worse than the main speaker stepping up to do a presentation and the projector, monitor or microphone doesn't work. A very simple point to forget though essential to making your corporate function a successful one.

Stuck and need some help planning or organising a corporate function? Why not contact Event Styling™  for a quote to see how we can help make your next company event a top-class experience.


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