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Monday, 11 December 2017 10:02

Top summer wedding trends

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With summer knocking at our door, it’s time to delve into the top summer wedding trends which are sure to pop up this 2018 summer wedding season!

Summer is definitely one of the most popular seasons throughout the year to host your special day, but don’t get caught up in out-dated wedding traditions which have really done the rounds in recent years.

If you’re looking to host a truly unique day, consider incorporating some of these magnificent top summer wedding trends in your planning...

Just some of the forecast trends include bright colour palettes, graphic patterns, statement jewelerry and a new take on wedding favours—here are 10 top summer wedding trends we love!

  1. Bright and Bold Colour Palettes

    This summer wedding season is a chance to really let your hair down and turn up the volume with your wedding colour palette. Trade the commonly-used pastel and neutral tones of spring for a vibrant palette of pink, yellow, orange and blue.

    You can keep your colour picks feeling fresh by sticking to a few hues that work well together, or go for various shades of the same colour, for example: magenta, berry pink and soft peony.

    Incorporate colour into everything from invites and linens to flowers and patterned bridesmaid dresses—even your food and signature drinks!

    Top summer wedding trend colour palettes include:
    • Plumeria, Tangerine, Brown Sugar and Bright Peach

      Pretty jewel tones like plumeria and rich peach make for a fiery and fun palette!

      These saturated hues carry depth while meshing together to create an inviting and warm atmosphere. Adding in a pretty neutral like brown sugar shade keeps it harmoniously sweet.

      Bold and dynamic, this palette offers just the right amount of drama and romance for desert, city, or boho wedding days.

    • Azalea, Blue, Teal and Grey

      Azalea is a hot pink that fires up this relatively breezy colour palette.

      Pairing this lively pink shade with a sea glass teal adds in a fun sense of whimsy.

      Keeping this colour combo monochromatic with grey and blue-grey shades maintains a sophisticated aesthetic.

    • Navy, Cream Rose, White and Deep Green

      This breezy, pretty palette is both demure and romantic.

      Sleek and polished, deep navy has a long history of being a wedding colour favourite throughout recent years, and pairs beautifully with a soft rose and a deep eucalyptus green for a bright and summery wedding look.

      Suitable for an elegant, garden-boho, or classic wedding style, this palette offers timeless appeal.

    • Peach, Periwinkle, Ivory and White

      Exquisite, relaxing, and just plain pretty. This pastel colour combo sings of classic elegance and breezy beach days. Peach is a trending modern colour that beautifully pairs with many soft hues, including periwinkle. This cool, yet invigorating shade plays nicely with nearly any spring pastel too.

      There’s no doubt about the dreaminess which is created by this pretty peach and a light periwinkle colour combo.

    • Silver, Plumeria, Cream Rose, Marigold

      Create the ultimate Bohemian-inspired wedding with this stunning colour combination.

      The good news is that the bohemian wedding trend isn't going anywhere, and the proof is in this effortless colour palette of silver, warm yellow, plum and pink.

      It’s romantic and full of free-spirited beauty!

  2. Patterns and Festive Accents

    Graphic prints and calligraphy are one of the top summer wedding trends to look out for since copper made its way onto the wedding décor scene.

    Patterned stationery, table runners, napkins and signage lend modern, trendy vibes to your summer wedding, while calligraphic touches add a hint of elegance.

    Another top summer wedding trend? Tropical accents like pineapples, flamingos, tropical flowers and palm leaves. They're unexpected surprises that help to get you in the spirit of summer!

  3. Dessert Buffet Tables

    Long gone are the days of plated desserts. The reason behind this? Wastage!

    By the time dessert makes it out to the tables, everyone is on their feet, shaking tail feathers on the dance floor. Dessert is often forgotten about and ends up being a massive cost down the drain!

    A top summer wedding trend is to consider a dessert buffet table, where your guests are free to help themselves as they please.

    With a dessert buffet table you can include a range of indulgent and refreshing sweet treats, suited to the warmer weather of summer.

  4. Cool Treats and Lighter Comfort Foods

    While on the topic of desserts and food items, this is prime time to consider what to serve your guests in the warmer weather of summer.

    A top summer wedding trend is the cold dessert buffet table in the form of ice-cream and Popsicle stations! Gourmet flavours, edible flowers, herbs and creative presentation take these childhood favourites to a whole new adult level.

    There's also a lighter take on comfort foods: Indulgent appetizers such as baked mac and cheese are being replaced with lightly dressed pasta salad, while heavier desserts like cupcakes are being swapped for mini fruit tarts.

  5. Suspended Centrepieces

    Wedding reception flowers aren't just about table centrepieces anymore—ceiling arrangements are all the rage and definitely a top summer wedding trend for 2018.

    Whether you choose a few garlands of blooms strung together or elaborate centrepieces suspended over tables, it's all about creating the ‘’wow’’ factor.

    The wild and slightly undone flower arrangements are still trending for bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, but they're now being inspired by seasonal summer flowers.

  6. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

    Pick a shade and let your girls go dress shopping for themselves! This top summer wedding trend is extremely popular right now.

    With this in mind, it’s helpful to give guidelines such as dress length or sleeve preferences.

    Provide a couple colour swatches which tie in with the colour palette you’ve chosen and let them do the rest.

  7. Airy and Minimalist Summer Wedding Dress

    There's an airy breeze blowing through the fashion world of wedding dresses at the moment.

    A top summer wedding trend lies in the form of illusion necklines, opaque fabrics and translucent, shiny detailing, making for ethereal, floaty and ultra-feminine silhouettes.

    If airy-fairy is not your thing, classic and minimalist gowns which feature modest necklines and curve-hugging shapes are just as popular for the summer wedding season.

  8. A Bold Lip and Hair Pieces

    The bold lip is back! It has come full-circle from the era of the 80’s to be a top summer wedding trend in makeup for 2018.

    Statement lips are being featured in bold pops of red or fuchsia – the perfect way to amp up your bridal look for the wedding reception.

    Top wedding hair looks include loose, tousled up-dos, styled with a detailed hair piece or a bright and bold statement flower, instead of the traditional veil.

  9. Statement Earrings and Choker Necklaces

    High fashion runways have inspired this top summer wedding trend, and it has made its way to bridal fashion for the 2018 wedding season!

    Statement earrings and choker necklaces are go-to accessories for the coming summer wedding season, but it all depends on your wedding dress neckline.

    If you're having trouble with which trend you want to rock, consider the style and shape of your wedding dress neckline, then choose which accessory is more complementary with the cut.

  10. Wedding Favour Welcome Bags

    Warm weather is synonymous with vacation, which is why more and more couples are choosing to have ‘’away’’ weddings, turning the event into a weekend-long celebration!

    With all the extra time and commitment your guests are making, a top summer wedding trend is to gift your guests with welcome bags as wedding favours.

    These include individual tote bags packed with local goodies, a weekend itinerary or list of things to do in the area.

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