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Thursday, 24 July 2014 09:34

Useful Wedding Planning Tips

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A special day should be an unforgettable one and making sure your wedding is amazing for yourself and your guests only takes a little thought, preparation and good organisation skills. If you are not going to hire a wedding co-ordinator due to budget or perhaps have a friend or family member who is up to the task we are here to help with some great tips to make sure your wedding celebration runs smoothly for everyone involved.

Plan And Budget Ahead

Whilst the excitement of getting married may be overwhelming, take a few steps back and consider a few important details before rushing into the planning. Timing is important, so make sure your chosen wedding day is not going to 'clash' with other important events, like a birthday, the rugby or cricket final or a religious holiday. This will influence numerous factors including attendance (who actually comes to your wedding) as well as logistics like traffic on the roads during the day. Also be sure to look at historical climate data for your chosen location on a site like Weather.24.com so you have an idea of what kind of weather to expect. Don't start buying things or paying for services without starting a spreadsheet which allows you to more easily monitor exactly where your budget is going. If you have friends or relatives that have recently been married consider speaking to them regarding 'where to buy what' and for all cheap, disposables that nobody is going to notice or care about you can save by buying in bulk. You can find more excellent wedding budget tips in this previous Event Styling™ Blog Post.

Agenda And Theme

Focusing on the wedding is the most important part of the planning though having a theme to base your wedding décor and styling on will ensure there is continuity. Along with a theme it is also a good idea to select a colour palette which will help to make sure your wedding decorations, table setting and other décor are cohesive, with nothing looking out of place. An agenda is another important part of a wedding plan and will give you a schedule for the day. Make sure everyone involved in every event on the agenda is aware of the times and locations and also make sure you have contingency plans. For example if your wedding pictures are planned to be taken in an outdoor location and it is raining make sure you have an alternative option on the agenda.

Choose A Venue

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Making sure you enjoy your wedding day in a beautiful setting is important and choosing a venue is one of the most important decisions to make. Speak to a wedding planner or phone venues you have in mind and compare costs as it will need to fit into your budget. Keep in mind travelling distances for the majority of your guests and try and make it as convenient as possible for everyone. Make sure you visit the venue before making a booking and try and take along an objective opinion, someone who can offer advice and constructive criticism of your choice. While emotionally you may feel a certain venue is the best, when considering other factors related to planning your wedding it may not be the best venue to choose.

Make It Special For Everyone

Though the most important people are the wedding couple making sure everyone remembers the day and feels special is important and this doesn't have to cost a lot. Take the time to send personalised invitations and for your closest friends and relatives possibly write a short note on the invite. Spend a little more time on the details to create the right impression and make your guests feel pampered, whether with colour matching cocktails to kick-off the event, starched napkins or candles for ambient lighting at the evening dinner. Giving a little more attention to smaller details will enhance the overall ambience of the day and make it that much more unforgettable.

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