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Wednesday, 19 September 2012 10:48

Décor Decisions for Corporate Events

Deciding on décor for your corporate event is a time-consuming task that requires focused attention on your event's purpose and company branding.

A key part of corporate event planning includes decisions related to the agenda, venue and theme. Selecting an appropriate theme for your event leads naturally to the creation of the décor guidelines. This enables you and your event styling team to implement the theme throughout all aspects of your corporate event, including the décor.

Corporate events can take on many forms, which are mostly decided upon due to the nature of the celebration.


A golf day with clients would indicate a relaxed and casual atmosphere, whilst a gala dinner to showcase your company would be a more black-tie affair. Take some time to analyse and understand the different types of corporate events and select one that works for you, your company and event purpose.

When selecting a theme for your corporate event, focus on the event’s purpose. Whether you’re launching an innovative product or congratulating your team for a milestone achievement, the event’s purpose will be the underlying factor that helps you choose your corporate event’s theme.

When considering the corporate event’s purpose, feel free to consult your team members where appropriate and get some input on theme ideas or suggestions. A cursory survey of your team’s ideas, wherever apt, will help to inject a variety of different perspectives into your planning and event styling. After gathering your team’s ideas, hand these over to your event styling team and let them create the memorable corporate event you desire.

Décor needn’t be an expensive concern but keep in mind your event budget. With a keen eye on the numbers, your event styling team will be able to furnish you with creative ideas on how to communicate your corporate event’s theme without breaking the bank. Simple yet elegant décor adds a distinctive air to your corporate event and effectively communicates your event’s theme.

Whether it's banners, centerpieces or posters corporate event décor also needn't be boring. A clever integration of your company's logo colours, for example, can accentuate your event's purpose whilst brilliantly branding your corporate event as yours.

Your décor decisions can also tie in well with other elements of your corporate event. Integrating elements of the theme into your menu and table settings can also infuse a little fun into your event. If your corporate event is focused on fun, perhaps change the names of the menu items to tie in with your event theme, purpose or corporate branding. Your guests will enjoy the unique yet simple touch that brings a little sparkle to elements of your corporate event.

Making décor decisions can be a rigorous process but with a focus on your corporate event’s purpose, theme and budget you’ll be able to provide your guests with a truly memorable event.
Monday, 10 September 2012 10:53

Your year-end event

Make your mark with your year-end event

Your company’s year-end event is a chance to celebrate and commend your team for the successes of the past year. It’s an excellent opportunity to reflect upon your company’s growth and honour brilliant work by your team.

Whether you’re a company that employs hundreds of people or a smaller concern with a devoted team, your year-end event needs to be unforgettable. Year-end events are also a special time, for your team to let their hair down and enjoy a little relaxation. These corporate events are also a great time to mingle, speak honestly and enjoy the people who make up your company’s vision.


If you’re a small team, you can usually leave the management and planning of your year-end event to your administration team. If you are a larger concern, it’s best to employ the services of a professional event styling and co-ordination consultant. With a trained eye and skills that can be tailored around your budget, a professional event styling consultant can and will make your year-end event a success.

Whether your budget is big or small, take this opportunity to give your team the very best you can afford. Whether it’s a sumptuous dinner at a local restaurant or a gala event complete with staff awards ceremony, let your year-end event bring your team together in a unique and relaxed fashion.

There are three main components to a successful year-end event.

You’ll need to consider your budget, event purpose and staff preferences. Simply ask yourself the following questions:
What does your budget allow you to do? You cannot plan a glitzy gala event on a budget that suits a more intimate affair. Be honest with yourself, your event styling company, your team and your clients about your budget, and stick to it.

Why are you holding your year-end event? Whether your event intends to exhibit your company’s successes to clients or congratulate your staff, make sure your purpose is defined. Focus your attention on spoiling your staff and clients more than impressing them, as this will deliver a feeling of authentic personal connection, without detracting from the purpose of your celebration.

What would your team prefer? Your year-end event cannot be an all-night affair if your company focuses on family values. Similarly, your annual celebration needn’t be a staid affair if your team is made up of young go-getters who’d appreciate a night on the town.

Let your hair down, celebrate and smile.

Let us handle your your-end event with style.
Tuesday, 04 September 2012 08:51

Business with the City of Durban

This is normally the time of the year when we have all our ducks in a row, our event schedule for the year-end is full and all we look forward to is giving clients our best so they can enjoy a festive season holiday with great memories of how their year came to a crescendo. This year things are a little different. Our year has just gotten better, with our company getting propelled to a completely higher level.


Event Styling™ Umhlanga has started doing business with the city of Durban. And when we say city we mean the people that make the city run. Through the expertise of our CEO – Marge B – we are now a service provider to one of the biggest organisations in the eThekwini Municipality. Our expertise, our modus operandi and our brand ethos is now gradually being imparted to those that manage events for and on behalf of the city.

This is a stellar achievement for us and something worth celebrating. In fact it's the crescendo to our year in event styling and management.. and it came a full 4 months before the official year-end.

Life can only get better.


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