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Tuesday, 12 November 2013 09:14

Financial Tips for a Wedding Budget

wedding tipsYou have fallen in love with the partner of your dreams, have gotten engaged and now it’s time to plan the biggest day of your lives; the wedding. What an exciting time, but one where you will soon realise the financial implications of having a fabulous wedding. The average wedding will definitely make a dent in the bank, if not break it altogether but here at Event Styling™, we want you to have a spectacular and memorable day that doesn’t leave you grasping for air for the wrong reasons.

Below is an incredibly informative and innovative, financial wedding planning infographic and calculator to assist you in this process.  
Wednesday, 30 October 2013 14:24

Themed Events; it’s Time to get Creative

themed-eventWith Halloween festivities and many themed events sprouting up around the country well under way, it reminds us just how much fun themed events and dressing up really are. A special event is already a time for celebration, a time for family and friends and a time for fun! What could be better than creating an event that is even more memorable with a fun theme? Here at Event Styling™ we look at the comeback of the themed events and ideas around them.   

Themed events will feature two main components, the dress code and the décor ideas. The first step will be to conceptualise around the theme. You can be as creative and crazy as you want and the theme will subsequently set the scene for the party. Whatever theme you end up selecting, it offers an evening of escapism and diverse enjoyment. Here at Event Styling™ we have had the pleasure of styling many themed events and once you have your theme in mind, it’s easy to decorate the venue accordingly.

If you will be offering food and drinks, then you can also theme the type food you serve to the event. The other prominent element that makes themed events such a success is the dressing up aspect. People love dressing up and it offers an opportunity to be creative and go incognito for the evening. There are many fancy dress shops that will be able to offer inspiration, but sometimes the most creative and fun outfits are homemade creations.

Once you have a venue, which is conductive to the theme of the event, décor that exudes the idea and sets the mood, food and drinks that fit with the theme and a bunch of hilarious, fun, crazy and imaginative looking guests; it’s bound to be a spectacular event!    
Monday, 07 October 2013 12:09

My Marge B Experience By Sholene Ramdass

Marge B- Styled PhotoshootHaving been selected by Marge B to be a part of a photoshoot for Sibaya Casino in October 2013, I got to experience the renowned Marge B and Event Styling™ treatment that has left me not only with valuable insight into the modelling and beauty industry but also a refreshed outlook on the importance of positivity and perception.

Being involved in the modelling industry for about five years, I have been exposed to many different types of people and personalities. So when I have the good fortune of crossing paths with someone in this industry who manages to carry themselves with aplomb and grace, I instantly feel as if I have found a rare gem.

Marge B is one such person. As someone who values the importance and matchless quality of being a sincere and upstanding person, working with Marge B, who holds the very same principles that I do, was a wonderful experience. The positivity and vibrant energy that she surrounds herself with further inspired me to be responsible for the energy I take wherever I go.

DSC 0389Marge B's wide array of knowledge and experience spurred me on to also realize the invaluable asset of encompassing and being able to master many different skills in the modelling, entertainment and events industries.

Having my makeup professionally done by Marge B afforded me a renewed sense of myself and the power of experimentation and transformation. The stunning and striking classic black smokey-eyes and contoured cheekbones along with a timeless little black dress and faux-fur wrap fit the dramatic and commanding image of Sibaya and Sun International to a tee. This expert and skilled styling will definitely make the end product of the photoshoot distinguished and extremely memorable.

As someone who hopes to grow successfully in the modelling and entertainment world, I fervently look forward to working with Marge B again in the near future.

Sholene Ramdass, Miss Teen KZN 2013

October is our birthday month here at Event Styling™! We turn 5-years-old and we are celebrating in true style. In collaboration with LushBerry, Event Styling™ is celebrating our new website launch and birthday with some elegant goodies up for grabs. Like and Share both Event Styling™ and LushBerry Facebook fan pages and stand a chance to win a Swarovski Pendant.

Event Styling™ would also like to welcome you, our loyal customers to our newly renovated website. As you can see, we have opted to recreate our website to offer a more elegant, contemporary and fresh-looking, aesthetic appeal and we are extremely happy with the result.

Our new and innovative website reinforces the fact that evolution and innovation is key in any facet of our lives. Our world is changing every day, from new trends and styles to technology and social shifts. Here at Event Styling™ we see the importance and advantages of moving forward and recreating ourselves to offer our clients only the best and most up-to-date ideas and products.

Event Styling™ website may look different, but we still maintain our ethos of excellence in the events coordinator business. New website, new feel, but the same superior service you have come to relish.
Tuesday, 03 September 2013 09:37

Planning your Green Wedding

green-weddingWith the pioneering, green movement that so many earth conscious people have adopted, environmentally friendly, green weddings are becoming very popular. Many couples are opting to create a special day that not only showcases their love for one another, but for Mother Nature as well. An eco-friendly wedding can be just as stylish and luxurious as a normal one and in this interesting and informative blog, Event Styling™ looks at some top tips and ideas on how to plan the perfect, green wedding.

Green Wedding Tips and Ideas

Going Organic

Organic produce is one sure way to ensure that your wedding is eco-friendly. Going organic means that the occurrence of harmful pesticides usually used in the growing or farming process is eliminated. When planning your dream, green wedding, make sure that your flowers, food and even wedding dress are derived from organic products and materials. Buying locally and making sure that they make use of ethical trade is also important.

The venue
When looking at a venue for your environmentally friendly wedding, there are a few ideas and tips to keep in mind. Conventional venues such as hotels and conference centres use loads of electricity, water and usually not-so-earth-friendly products. A great idea and one that will just add to your green wedding’s character and charm is getting married in the beautiful outdoors. There are many quaint venues that will use considerably less power than the larger ones.

The stationery
For many years, the production of paper has been a hot topic with regards to the environment. Your wedding invites and thank you notes are an integral part of your big day but for those wanting to have an eco-friendly, green wedding, there are other options. Why not send out fun and interactive Evites or create a beautiful wedding, web page to keep everyone involved in the plans. Alternatively, if you still like the more traditional route of paper, one can use recycled paper for their invites and thank you cards that are just as lovely as ordinary paper.

Event Styling™ hopes that these tips and ideas have provided some inspiration for your green wedding. Enjoy your magical, day of love with your friends and family, while not harming Mother Nature. For many more inspirational and creative ideas, keep an eye on our Event Styling™ blog.
3-300x199Styling an event can be one of the most enjoyable and creative processes anyone can experience. The look, feel and styling of an event are usually up to what is trending at that moment and the personal preference of the individual enjoying the occasion. One of the latest trends that is really shining its way through the rest is ‘Bring on the Bling’ and Event Styling™ as always, has the inside scoop and all of the magical, creative ideas to incorporate this style into any event.

An event’s attributes should be comprised of various factors including glamorous, decadent and exquisite sentiments. It’s a special day, no matter what the event or occasion, be it a wedding or end of year function, and you want to let your imagination run wild and visions come true. ‘Bring on the Bling’ is a theme that looks at all things dazzling. From intricate, styled décor to napkin details with a dash of sparkle, it’s a glamorous and chic theme that is taking the events world by storm.

Exquisite and unique styled décor ranges from decedent cake pops dusted in edible bling, metallic painted on natural drift wood amalgamating nature with a stylish look, bling labels on champagne bottles and glittering chandeliers that catch the light hanging in the air above the stunning setting below.

Here at Event Styling™ we pride ourselves on always having our finger on the pulse of the events and styled décor world. Many of our satisfied and loyal customers are testament to our creative flair, ingenuity and personal service that not only creates a tailored and special event, but one that leaves the customer feeling just as special and valued.
Tuesday, 02 July 2013 10:02

Event Bunnies: the new new thing

What are Event Bunnies?
Who are these “Event Bunnies”? What is this “Event Bunny” thing all about? These are just a few of the questions that are being asked in the corridors of Durban’s burgeoning events industry right now. We have the answers!

event-bunnies-4 event-bunnies-3 event-bunnies-2 event-bunnies-brett

Remember how we just had the Top Gear Festival in Durban, and the Comrades Marathon before that? These major events get promoted with roadshows and live activations that require the involvement of stunningly attractive, classy, extroverted young people to be brand ambassadors and promoters. They really make these event experiences memorable. And as effective as these young people are at creating memorable events, there are just never enough of them available, and that creates a challenge for event management companies.

Fast forward to July 2013. Durban-based event management diva - Marge B - has decided to do something about this perpetual shortage of beautiful people that ooze upper echelon sophistication and pizzazz. Her company, Event Styling™, has just given birth to Event Bunnies - a brand new division that will facilitate talent management for all the company's events. Event Bunnies is the latest addition to the multifaceted Event Styling™ Agency from Durban.

The company has has launched a section on their website (www.eventstyling.co.za) where people who fit the required description (classy, sophisticated, attractive , eloquent etc.) can log their credentials, upload their profile images and if selected, get absorbed into the Event Bunnies Family and grace every or most of the highest of high profile events in and around South Africa. The Event Styling™ website will be the focal point for all Event Bunnies applications and all application approvals will be communicated to the approved persons via the contact details they provide.

Pending approval and becoming a member of the Event Bunnies "tribe", members will be called upon as when needed for events - dependent on the level of style and sophistication that is required at and for an event.

THAT, beautiful people, is what Event Bunnies is all about. So if you are seriously sexy, drop dead gorgeous, stunningly stylish and you ooze class. Then you should join Event Bunnies. In fact you’re already exactly what Event Bunnies is all about. All you need to do now is log on to www.eventsyling.co.za/bunnies and make it official.

We’ll see you at the next big, super sophisticated, cool and classy event by Event Styling™.


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